Wonderful Weekend Getaway at Sri Damai Clear Water Sanctuary Golf Resort, Batu Gajah, Perak.

April 22, 2017


If you are in Malaysia and you have limited time for holiday, or you just want a weekend getaway or even for tourist to get difference experience living in a nature environment, here I can recommend you the best private place to spend your time to relax and enjoy your sweet time. 

Located at Batu Gajah, a city in Kinta District, Perak , Malaysia is a very unique place and have interesting history as the name Batu Gajah , Batu is stone and Gajah is elephant in Malay language is  from two large boulders that resembled elephants  found along in Kinta River . In history, they believe that the elephant figures were made of stone to scare away the elephant from destroyed their sugar cane.

Sri Damai Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort, best name as its look because when you stay here, you will see an open lake for sanctuary and best view for golf course. Even you are not even interested or know how to play Golf ( Like Me ! ) it’s a worth place to stay. Trust me!  

Sri Damai Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort also has been rated as Top 5 Best Golf Course in Malaysia from 1997 - 2010 by Golf Malaysia Magazine Course Poll. That's an additional great things why you should go here.

This place is so suitable for solo trip or spends your quality time with your love one and family.

For me, stay here for 2 Days and 1 Night are still not enough because once you stay here, I believe you don’t want to leave!

The reason why because you can feel relax, calm and the most important is you not even hear noise pollution. The only thing you will hear are visitor’s and resort’s transportation, bird singing, water splashing and people playing sport.

Location- How To Go

By Car

It’s located at Batu Gajah, Perak. You can drive from Plus North – South highway and Exit at Batu Gajah. Just drive around 30 minutes.

By Airplane

The nearest airport is Ipoh (IPH-Sultan Azlan Shah). It is around 10km from Clear Water Sanctuary Golf Resort

Things To Do

Sport and Recreational Activities

Camping, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Cycling, Indoor / Outdoor Tennis, Badminton, Table tennis, Basketball, Volleyball & Futsal.

Bird Watching
Binoculars & guides available or you can even watch with your own eye, sometime if you are lucky enough, beautiful birds just come across on your walk.

Multiple great places to fishing. Bring your own equipment and enjoy wonderful experience.

For my trip this time, I only manage to do activities with my 3 years son such as swimming & play tennis, If only I got time, I will do more activities here!

All these activities are free once you stay here! Such a great plan right?

What to Bring

As for all activities here, I recommend you to bring sport wear, swim wear and few food to eat in case you are hungry at mid night because there is only one nearest shop open during night. 

Please enjoy all my photos in my stay here. Drop a comment if you want to know more about my wonderful moment stay at Clear Water Sanctuary Golf Resort :)

Good idea to brisk walk

Clear view on this calm lake

View from outside. 

Pathway to walk or jogging. You could hear sound of water & bird singing

Direct view from my balcony

View from balcony left side

Lots of lotus flowers can be found here

Sculpture at Main Lobby

View from tennis court

Clean and comfortable 

My 3 years old son really enjoy stay here !


Open door concept to direct balcony

Just a one step to watch this open lake view

He enjoying drinking at balcony

From left my niece, my mother & my son in front of our room

Love all the interior here. 

Unique lamp outside of the room

Early morning, brisk walk to tennis court

Its's my first time here playing tennis !

Happy baby, happy mommy !

First time for my son also !

Tennis racket & ball are free to rent here. Just wear you sport attire and you are ready to play !

After tennis, we direct walk to this swimming pool :)

There is one food store nearest. Is a western & Ikan Bakar food open at night

We really had so much fun and memorable moments here. I felt so energized and refreshed!

Here's the details of Sri Damai Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort

Official Website


Official Facebook Page


And, if you are here, you are very close to a famous heritage building and landmarks such as Kellie’s Castle, Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple and Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge No. 5.  Have a visit there also and enjoy your time while in Batu Gajah ! 

Some tips for you, if you want to plan your time wisely and know your best budget , for hotels or even flights, Traveloka always have their own promotion and best price ! Visit  https://www.traveloka.com/en-my  and get their latest promotion !


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  1. woww.. batu gajah is where my father was born

  2. Cantiknya tempat ni ! Lepasni boleh bawak Encik Suami datang sini holiday *.*

  3. What a great family time you had. I didn't know that this place has "Sri Damai" to their name now. Thanks for the update.

    1. I did had great quality family time . thanks emily :)

  4. Such cosy ambiance. This is a perfect place for weekend staycation!

  5. The place looks so serene and cosy. Perfect for a weekend stay away from the city

  6. This scenery is beautiful. And I love it when all activities are free when you stay there. That's really cool! :)

    1. yeah! they have lots of free activities here come with accommodation

  7. So relaxing! Such a perfect place to unwind!

  8. this certainly look like such an idyllic place to spend some time with family.... Would love to visit there someday...

  9. such a beautiful place with a great scenery. A great place for relaxing and spent time with your love one...

  10. Bestnya this place! Looks so calm and relax perfect place for staycation =D

  11. Wow.. really a nice place to unwind and relax.. will definitely bring my family here.

  12. This resort looks very peaceful. I would love to spend a couple of days, maybe even a week there. I definitely have to bring a fishing rod if I ever stay at a resort near a natural body of water.

    1. thats good idea! because they also have their own fishing spot

  13. Wow nice! Didn't know this place until I read your post, can I know how much for one night?



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