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Wonderful Weekend Getaway at Sri Damai Clear Water Sanctuary Golf Resort, Batu Gajah, Perak.

If you are in Malaysia and you have limited time for holiday, or you just want a weekend getaway or even for tourist to get difference experience living in a nature environment, here I can recommend you the best private place to spend your time to relax and enjoy your sweet time. 
Located at Batu Gajah, a city in Kinta District, Perak , Malaysia is a very unique place and have interesting history as the name Batu Gajah , Batu is stone and Gajah is elephant in Malay language is  from two large boulders that resembled elephants  found along in Kinta River . In history, they believe that the elephant figures were made of stone to scare away the elephant from destroyed their sugar cane.
Sri Damai Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort, best name as its look because when you stay here, you will see an open lake for sanctuary and best view for golf course. Even you are not even interested or know how to play Golf ( Like Me ! ) it’s a worth place to stay. Trust me!  

Sri Damai Clearwater Sanctuary G…

Giveaway Dior Miniature Perfume Mini by

My third post on participating in Give away / Blog List.
Hope I can win the miniature perfume !

Segmen Pencarian Bloglist Peaceful by Najihah

Yeay ! Got my weekend free for couple of hours and I'll try to join other blogger Bloglist :)


I'm joining this 'Segmen 'I AM BLOGLISTED BY MRS PIP'
Hopefully I'm the lucky one !

Thank You to be in my BLOGLIST !

Happy Long Weekend All !

Thank you so much for participated in my first time campaign for Blog Walking & Blog List.

I got lots of experience in doing this, its fun! I met many of new bloggers that I can keep in touch  :) 
Definitely I'll do it for next time !

Here are the full BLOG LIST for my 5 days campaign !

Thank you again and we should always keep in touch ya :)

Last Day to get in the Blog List !


List on 20 APRIL 2017

Today is the last day ! Don't forget to enter your link HERE to get in the list :)

Blog List by Ora-Adzlin


Thanks for keep continuing supporting my Blog List campaign this week !

(17 April - 21 April 2017 )

List on 19 APRIL 2017

Please add your link HERE to get in the list !

Let's join my blog walking to be in my Blog list !


Good Day !
Let's join my blog walking  to be in my Blog list !

(17 April - 21 April 2017 )

List on first day 18 APRIL 2017

Please add your link HERE to get in the list !

Segmen Blogwalking ORA-ADZLIN 2017


Good Morning!
My campaign for Blog-walking for DAY 1. It will be last till DAY 5
(17 April - 21 April 2017 )

List on first day 17 APRIL 2017

Please add your link HERE to get in the list !

Let's JOM Blog Walking & More Followers 2017 !

GOOD DAY everyone !

Hoping this Monday can bring you all full of energy after relax on weekend.

Here I come out of idea where all the bloggers out there including me can have a new update list of other blogger and we can do a very nice blog walking & if you want, we can follow each other !

Just a very simple guide, you all can place your link or web address in comment below and I will update in this post everyday for 5 days ! 
This means starting today until this Friday. (17 April - 21 April 2017 )


Here we go !

List on   17 APRIL 2017 HERE

Happy 2 years 9 months LOVE !

No one's ever gonna hurt you, love.
I'm gonna give you all of my love.
Nobody matters like you.

You're gonna grow and have a good life.
I'm gonna do what I've got to do.

Happy 2 years 9 months love Harith Yusuf !

Global Illumination Simulation Rendering in 3Ds Max

My experiment rendering in Mental Ray with supports caustics and global illumination simulation using the Photon Map™ method.

Software : 3ds Max 

For more artworks, please visit my FB Page     :)
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