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How to Get a Diapers Drypers for Free !

It's been around 1 year that I've been signed up to Drypers Baby Club member. It's always free when you sign up, and I love it so much because you can also collect point each time you bought Drypers and turn into point  that you can redeem exclusive gift that they are offer. Drypers also always keep updating the gift that we can redeem. 

One more thing that I just discover from the website is, we can ask Drypers for free ! Yes it's totally free. Just some of the terms are we only allowed with a total of 4 sample requests over a 2 - year period.

Here I share the simple step of How to Get a  Drypers for Free !

First direct to & of course you need to sign up , but don't worry, It's very short & simple process. 

After Signed Up, Scroll down and you can see button image state 'Get FREE Sample'. Click on that.

Then you will be reading their Terms. Click on Continue

Next you can select which type & size your baby are using that…

Children's Outdoor Playground at Publika , Solaris Dutamas, KL

I was in searching a great indoor or outdoor playground in KL area for my 2 years son, and came across by this place. Publika Shopping Gallery or locally people just called as Publika. 
Coincidence it was a place that me and my friends planning to meet during that time so it was a good pleasure to me for bring my son to the playground. We manage to have a lunch at Ben’s General Food Store. Great place, nice food but it have a long queue until our turn to get our table there.

The banana pancake are very recommended for the dessert!
Okay, after food then now play time :) 
This playground located at 3rd floor and it’s an outdoor playground. You might think twice if want to bring your kids in a very sunny hot day because there is no roof there. However if the weather are not too hot it is a very comfortable because the playground are fully by grass floor. 
The playground looks like a futuristic concept and it’s very unique design, very difference from other playground.

My son are really enjoy it…

George Town Festival 2016 in Butterworth ! : Butterworth Fringe Festival

Since it located in Butterworth, This year I had an opportunity to attend Butterworth Fringe Festival (BFF) as a part of Georgetown Festival (GTF) .

Butterworth Fringe Festival (BFF) are organize in 13- 14 August 2016 and it is located at Jalan Jeti Lama, Butterworth, I think the location are very strategic, near to Jetty and lots of space in addition the place are still have the originality of Penang old building. 

Some of the highlights are from JinnyBoy , Australian Anthony from Livingspace, Spaniards Miguel and Nelly , DynaMike from Canada, Jamil Zakaria , Kata-Kata 2100, Hamid Khan band, Manora of Kelantan& Urumee Melum.

Because I only came for a one day, I miss some of the performance. But overal, it's a succesfull event in Butterworth !

Here are some of the photos that I manage to capture.

Classical Indian music by Hamid Khan band

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