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6 Reasons Why I Love Lacte Solo Electric Breast pump ! ( Second Review Lacte Solo Breastpump )

Been using Lacte Solo around 9 months, so far can be say that this electric breastpump are better than my previous brand Spectra.Here's the reason why I love my Lacte so much!

1. Easy to travel with. Very light to carry. All items can be carry inside one medium handbag.

2. Use power bank Not only power bank, but in any usb port, it can be from laptop, or desktop. But I love to use with power bank because its easy for me to know how much battery left or use, so that i can prepare in case run out of battery.

3. Easy to wash Not many things that I need to wash, and the material used are easy to remove any dirt or some of my EBM left.

4.Soft suction and work silently
I really love hows the suction goes. Its like I didn't notice that machine are on, and I believe my office neighbor also didn't notice that actually I'm pumping !

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