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Penang Science Café Launched !

It's been great opportunity to attend the Penang Science Cafe was launched on last 5th December 2015. It is  locate at Wisma Yeap Chor Ee, No. & 17, Pengkalan Weld & Gat Lebuh China, George Town, 10300 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

The Penang Science Café is a social space for building a vibrant community of science.  It serves as a catalyst to Engage, Educate, Inspire and Connect people, in the pursuit of innovation. 

The Penang Science Café aims to promote new levels of social interaction in science and new ways of thinking, encourage inquiry, discovery and hands-on exploration in a multi-sensory environment ,be a space for learning and networking to construct ideas from concept to reality
seed & grow and connect future technologists and entrepreneurs

The Penang Science Café is an initiative by the Penang State Government, led by Keysight Technologies, supported by the Penang Science Cluster.

On the day The Penang Science Café was launched, students from secondary school & …

OraCanvas. It is everything about frame & digital + hand paint canvas !


Happy 17 Months !

Oh Dear son, 
I think mommy need you more than you need mommy !

Word of The Day !

Artsy Ain't Fartsy Graduation Showcase - Launched Smoothly !

‘Artsy Ain't Fartsy Graduation Showcase’ from The One Academy Penang students still on until 8th December 2015 ! Please do come and experience the new creative idea of artworks from Diploma in Multimedia Design + Advertising & Graphic Design.

Venue on the exhibition is at Luma, The Whiteaways Arcade, Lebuh Pantai , Georgetown, Penang. Open from 10am-10pm.

This is some of shots from launching day

Multimedia Design + Advertising & Graphic Design Graduation Showcase

This time , graduating students of batch 1208 & 1301 from The One Academy Penang majoring in Multimedia Design + Advertising & Graphic Design organize their Graduation Showcase, called ‘Artsy Ain't Fartsy Graduation Showcase’, the exhibition will be held at Luma, The Whiteaways Arcade, Lebuh Pantai , Georgetown, Penang, and launching at 8PM, open for public, so you're all invited !

Can check at their official FB Page for more information

Together We Always Be For What May Come , Our 4th Anniversary !

Happy Anniversary to us! 25 Nov 2015 marks me & my husband, our wedding anniversary 4 years ! yeah times fly so fast. So many life of stage that we've been together. Hard time and wonderful time. Glad that we've been together such a long time and this year is very special because now we celebrate together with our beautiful son; He is 1 year 4 month on this November!

With this special day, I am happy to share our last wedding photos, that’s mean 4 years ago !

And..This is after 4 years ! 

Hope that we've been always together for thousand years! :)
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