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Majlis Aqiqah & Birthday Party Invitation Card Design

It's throwback !
Last year I got design to my best friends on her son 'Majlis Aqiqah' & Birthday Party invitation, Mickey Mouse theme !
I'm very happy to show this works to her and glad she love it very much  :)
Happy Birthday Khalish !

The Wanted Grill, Bandar Perda, Penang

One of the best Halal western food in Penang Main Land , this is one of my recommendations. With affordable price, delicious menu & cozy place. The Wanted Grill also open until 2 AM. Very suitable to celebrate birthday because it is pass 12 midnight !

Find The Wanted Grill on Facebook

They also have Instagram 

The location land mark is very near to McDonalds Perda, you have to go to the street beside Petronas Perda. Here’s the address No 19,Jalan Perda Utama 7,Bandar Perda, Pulau Pinang.

Happy eating !

Taman Tasik Taiping - Lake Gardens, Taiping, Perak

Just one night short trip get away to my home town, Bukit Merah, to visit my cousin at Hospital who recently have some operation. Glad that now his recovering :)

I’m fully utilized the time that I had there to go Taman Tasik Taiping also know as Taiping Lake Garden.

Taiping Lake garden is a  famous on its weather , the relaxing feeling just when arrive here. There are about  64 hectares (160 acres) - 10 man-made scenic  lakes and ponds distributed throughout the gardens.
Created and was established as a public garden in 1880 by Charles Compton Reade.

Very breeze fresh air, love the weather there and  So much of childhood memories !

We are really enjoying here but just like we have a very limit time. 
Hope can always have a short trip get away at here ! 

Breastfeeding Stories

Every mom & baby have a different story of their journey. For me, I felt very glad that until now, my baby is 1 year and 3 months, I'm still capable to breastfeed him. Although now he is not fully breastfeed because he already eat solid food and sometime I will top up with Formula Milk. But when he is with me I will directly feed him.

For me, breastfeeding is a special bonding with mom and their baby, but I'm not saying that who can't or don't want to breastfeed  don't have any special bonding, but, It's kind of different way of how you and your baby can be together in such ways.

Knowledge is very important if you want to start your journey in breastfeed, start early as you can, maybe when your pregnant, then you can actually collect information and ask for other's experience.

Direct breastfeeding and pumping is very different things. Some of moms are very lucky that can only direct feeding, no need to pump, store , heat and give to the babies. This is whe…

R&R Bagan Ajam, Butterwoth, Penang

It's about time ! I'm so excited to bring my baby back to he beach since his last visit when he was 5 months! on that time, he seems like not really like the beach sand haha 
Now he already 1 year 3 months, I'm more excited to watch his expression !

I think Harith start to enjoying beach, i will bring he more often !
By the way R&R Bagan Ajam have a lot's facilities that we can enjoy include variety of foods, surau, bath & changing room and also people selling mostly kids stuff nearby beach. It's very suitable for whole family to enjoy :)
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