Wonderful Weekend Getaway at Sri Damai Clear Water Sanctuary Golf Resort, Batu Gajah, Perak.

If you are in Malaysia and you have limited time for holiday, or you just want a weekend getaway or even for tourist to get difference experience living in a nature environment, here I can recommend you the best affordable private place to spend your time to relax and enjoy your sweet time. 
This place is so suitable for solo trip or spends your quality time with your love one and family. For me, stay here for 2 Days and 1 Night are still not enough because once you stay here, I believe you don’t want to leave!
The reason why because you can feel relax, calm and the most important is you not even hear noise pollution. The only thing you will hear are visitor’s and resort’s transportation, bird singing, water splashing and people playing sport.
Sri Damai Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort, best name as its look because when you stay here, you will see an open lake for sanctuary and best view for golf course. Even you are not even interested or know how to play Golf ( Like Me ! ) it’s a worth…

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Hope I can win the miniature perfume !

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Yeay ! Got my weekend free for couple of hours and I'll try to join other blogger Bloglist :)


I'm joining this 'Segmen 'I AM BLOGLISTED BY MRS PIP'
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Happy Long Weekend All !

Thank you so much for participated in my first time campaign for Blog Walking & Blog List.

I got lots of experience in doing this, its fun! I met many of new bloggers that I can keep in touch  :) 
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